Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Having A Peachy Morning

Peaches: in the jam, on Auntie Melanie's oatmeal, and in the smoothy with an orange.
This had been on my 'To Do List' for a very long time. Make freezer jam!

Now I have twelve little jars of various jams in my freezer lined up
like Napoleon's Army attacking Moscow.
From fresh fruit, Strawberry-Peach, Raspberry,
Blueberry-Apple with a Cinnamon Kick, and Mixed Berry (including Blackberries.)

And this morning was the first taste test!

I chose Strawberry-Peach first, which kind of leans toward peach in taste and color.
I think they are so pretty.
Continuing with a peachy theme, cut peaches on the oatmeal, and cut the rest of the peach into the smoothy with a small orange cut up (skin and membrane, too) and apple juice to blend it up.
Step outside into the morning to enjoy it with sunshine and birdsong.

The jam tasted sweet, and peachy with a hint of strawberries. Peaches to strawberries in the mix was about 3:1.

Here is the freezer jam recipe:

Recipe for Homemade Freezer Jam


1 2/3 c. cut fruit (mix and match fruit at you discretion)
2/3 white sugar
1 small package (or 3 1/2 tbs) Instant Pectin (some say specifically for freezer jam)
1/2 c water
2 8 oz sterilized jelly jars

Stir sugar and instant pectin together in medium size bowl. Wash fruit and dice small, you may wish to mash with potato masher. Put fruit with water in sauce pan and simmer for five minutes, pour fruit over sugar and pectin mixture stirring constantly for 5 minutes.mixture on. Ladle jam into jars, allowing 1/2 inch of space between jam and top of jar. Let stand 30 minutes. Use or freeze for later. To use later, thaw jam in the refrigerator and use within 3/4 weeks. Keep refrigerated.

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