Monday, July 22, 2013

Flower of the Week: Cosmos

This summer I purchased packets of wildflower seeds--and cosmos was included. I have also purchased cosmos in  flats, and even gallon containers with larger plants. Here are the basic three colors, white, pink, red. and occasionally, some combinations of colors.

This blossom was a surprise one beautiful summer's morning. But it is unusual, cosmos generally has a solid color, even if a blend of red and white creating some tint of pink or purple. This white blossom looks like a child got creative with a Crayola marker.

Bees love these flowers, butterflies, too. Cosmos is often included in seed packets for Butterfly Gardens. They have long delicate stems and the flowers poke out their faces like a curious kid. They are easy to grow.

This flower is indigenous to Mexico, also called the Mexican aster.

Here is a post I put up using the name Cosmos as a play on words linking to a William Blake poem.

The Cosmos in a Cosmos

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