Friday, June 28, 2013

Flower of the Week: Moss Roses (Portulaca) 6/28/13

These vibrant flowers are fascinating for kids. Moss Roses are photosensitive, closing at night. One plant will have many blossoms of varying bright colors that surprise you in the morning when they open.  Bees and butterflies love them. And, they are easy to grow. But, they don't have any special fragrance.
Diverse colors on these cheerful blossoms.

The plant looks sort of like ice plant. A kid can break off a piece of this plant and stick it in a pot and water daily. Moss rose is very resilient and will grow easily.

These cuttings were stuck in the planter just several days ago and are producing blossoms.

That's a long, lean sunflower stem in the center pot.

The bright blossoms are a magnet for butterflies and bees.

Little known fact: moss roses also attract fairies to your garden.

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