Thursday, June 20, 2013

Panini At Home

Turkey panini with alfredo sauce, fresh basil.
I must be one of the last persons in North America who is just getting around to using a George Foreman grill of some type, but it seemed reasonable when I wish to make panini. Plus anyone who named his sons George Jr, George III, and George IV, George V and George VI seems cool to me. I'm using garlic french bread sliced longwise, and spreading creamy alfredo sauce on the top and bottom with fresh leaves of sweet basil atop. Then I layered very thin strips of turkey to about half an inch. Put the sandwich together and placed it into the panino unit. 

The George Foreman grill works well and is easy to clean up; that's important to me because tidiness is not my strength. Not too much trouble per un pasto delizioso. Mangiare bene!
Gardening Tip

This tall lady is Rosemary, an herb that is extremely hardy in the hottest of summers and coldest of winters. It thrives here in the desert as shrubbery and also a well establish herb for cooking. It smells wonderful, and in the spring has the prettiest tiny purple flowers. Often you can buy Rosemary during the holidays in the shape of Christmas trees and your house will be perfumed by the living plant that you can plunk in the ground in the spring.

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