Thursday, June 20, 2013

Your Own Smoothies

לחיי To Life!
 Beautiful summer mornings deserve a toast.

Keeping it simple...and juicy! I'm not a fancy person in the kitchen, so I'm enjoying this basic juicer, for some far from basic taste. This has a whole orange, strawberries and blueberries pureed with apple juice.

 Quick Smoothie

A regular blender would also work.

whole fruits you have handy, today I have

one banana, ripe
5 oz raspberries
5 oz blackberries
5 oz strawberries
 8 oz apple juice

Put juice and fruit into blender, and puree. Enjoying the vibrant flavor and healthfulness! Serves one, or two if you want to share.

And such a beautiful color.
Brown spots means just ripe enough.
Fresh fruit from Watsonville, Cal.

 I would love to also paint a picture of this wonder food, a la Cezanne.

Gardening Tip
Speaking of beautiful colors, your garden can maintain these lovely little pansies, and violas, too, which can weather the cold in many zones.

What happy little faces to greet you.

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