Thursday, June 20, 2013

Planting It Forward

In the trusty wheelbarrow ready to go.
Flowers outside in the winter? Isn't it too cold? Not for the bulb variety. And it's time to give yourself a gift you'll begin to receive in about four months by planting bulbs now.

Last year I ordered some bulbs from a company in Ohio but I was too late for the planting season. So that company is sending them now! I surprised myself because last year was so busy, I'd forgotten I'd done that. A pleasant serendipity.

In my zone, I start planting daffodil bulbs in fall so I can wander lonely as a cloud and come upon daffodils dancing spritely (reference to Wordsworth's poem.) There are other early spring bulbs, too

 I've already started with some other tiny bulbs from Ohio, I've marked them to recall what's coming up in the Early Spring.

Looking forward to very blue tiny flowers
A daffodil bulb; see you in February!

With special directions, many bulb flowers can be grown indoors. That's even more delightful (if possible) during the let down of grey, blustery days after the major holidays. We can all use some Screaming Yellow Daffodils long about February.

Cooking Tip

I am so not fancy or cool--but my kitchen functions! Here is a hint about keeping onions, potatoes and herbs dry and ready for your recipe. Don't store them in the refrigerator. I hang them in their net bags on a small hook in the kitchen. Works fine. House Beautiful? I think not. Who cares?

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