Thursday, June 20, 2013

Preparing Your Soup Stock for Turkey Soup

Soon we will all have a beautiful turkey carcass that seems as though there is no meat left on it. Not so. For a home made soup, you can boil the meat and other nutrients from the carcass, being careful to remove all bones, and match that up with some delicious, nutritious soup stock for turkey soup.

Good ole stock pot.
Do you have a stock pot? Get it out. Or other pot of suitable size (its going to hold at least 2 quarts.) Make sure you have room in the refrigerator. Choose the vegetable flavor you seek, or just let family life take its course, and save the stock from whatever fresh vegetables you boil for your meals for a few days. Keep all the various veggie stocks refrigerated in the same stock pot.

'Herb net'
Add the boneless turkey stock, your choice of vegetables, and I use my 'herb net,' today with fresh sage and thyme. Maybe add some celery salt, and salt and pepper to your taste. This smells really good, and is filled with great nutrients. It saves and freezes well. You can make biscuits or crescents, or bread to go along.

We chose carrots, broccoli, green beans, and thin sliced potatoes.

Get out your favorite bowls, it'll be nice.
Gardening Hint

Now is a great time to do your homework for a Butterfly Garden. I learn more every year. This year I have discovered that--oh yeah--butterflies love the color blue.

 I had read that, so I brought some more blue to the garden. It worked like a magnet. 

Here is a little autumn visitor that located my new flowers in minutes after I put them out. Bees love them, too.

I'm loving my little garden community; I plan to expand next spring.

Lobelias, besides being loved by butterflies, are such a brilliant blue, they almost glow in the dark!

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