Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Snacking During The Game

No, I wasn't actually at the game. In the background, that's my large picture of the most beautiful baseball field ever, home of the San Francisco Giants. The Giants played the Dodgers in LA, and it was televised. I don't mind the Dodgers, which is highly unusual for a Giants' fan, because their announcer, Vin Scully, is remarkable in accuracy and positivity.

Here are the rare treats we had.

Grilled Beef Panini
Prior to cheese.

My humble grill.
Using the George Foreman Grill, I placed
1. sliced sourdough bread slathered with jalapeno ranch dressing, top and bottom
2. sliced tomatoes
3. barbequed thin-slice beef (chuck steak) dappled with mustard
4. grated mild cheddar cheese
The thinly sliced chuck steak was grilled and saved from the day before.

 Quacamole Dip

Avacadoes--smooth texture.
Pringles Potato Chips because they are so uniform and perfect. (See photo at top.) And avocado is so creamy good and nutricious.

Mash together:

2 ripe avacadoes
2 tbs sour cream
Quacamole dip mix (until I create my own)

We also had gourmet Hank's Root Beer purchased at a locally run shop, Overland Meat and Deli here in Apple Valley, CAL. Buy local.

Happy to shop local here.

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